Kids of today and tomorrow: A global and regional close-up on the youngest millennials

Carlos Garcia
Nickelodeon Insight & Reporting
Jo McIlvenna
Jo McIlvenna Ltd


Nickelodeon have undertaken the most detailed analysis to date of kids around the world. In this truly global exploration, we have reached out to every corner of the world, including several countries we have never before explored in this level of detail – for example, Greece, Nigeria and Egypt. In total we have conducted our research in 32 countries. In Latin America we covered Brazil, Mexico and Argentina; and the Americas were also represented by the United States and Canada; Europe was represented by France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Russia, Hungary and Poland; Asia-Pacific countries included China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand and India; and from Middle East and Africa we covered Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria and South Africa. Geographically the research spans every continent. In business terms we have captured data which can inform our local as well as international operations in every cluster.