Using modelling to improve media laydown

In this case history, Paul Dyson, Millward Brown International, describes how a model based on an enhanced Awareness Index was used to improve substantially the efficiency of a client's media schedule

Paul Dyson

OVER THE LAST four years, Millward Brown has been investigating the efficiency of different media laydowns. This has involved building a model relating media expenditure to a variety of advertising response measures (such as advertising awareness, brand image and sales). The result of this work is a technique which has become known as FORCE modelling (1).

This article briefly discusses the findings from this work and the key elements of the model. It also describes how FORCE modelling was used to help plan media laydowns for one of our clients; how a media test was set up by using different plans in different parts of the country; and finally how the results of the test showed a significant improvement of the order predicted.