Combining big data and mobile market research

Jeff Hamilton and Adam Berman
Microsoft and CatalystMR


How does mobile browsing in emerging market differ from developed markets and what are best practices tips and trick to conducting international mobile survey research?

Until recently, desktop and laptop computers were the primary means to collect online survey data. In 2011, the percentage of surveys being taken on mobile devices was less than 2%. As of the 1st quarter of 2014, researchers like CatalystMR who collect user-agent online survey data saw 25%-35% (some as high as 50%) of all their online surveys being taken on mobile devices compared to desktop computers. CatalystMR believes strongly that a mobile data collection strategy should be at the forefront of consideration when planning online research. Because the technology available for conducting surveys on these devices and the behavior of those using them is evolving, "Best Practices" is a constantly moving target.