China's PR challenge

Scott Kronick
Ogilvy Public Relations

China is embracing public relations as a communications strategy to combat consumer mistrust in the wake of food contamination scandals, the SARS outbreak and negative perceptions around cheap, 'Made in China' products.

Watch any debate about the upcoming US Presidential election and you will see why the public relations industry is more relevant today than ever before. Success rests in the nuanced understanding of voting constituencies, the careful crafting of messages and the ability to communicate those messages in a way that hits hot buttons and sways opinion. Campaign strategists begin with the candidate, but also use such messaging to cultivate third-party advocates that will speak out and endorse the candidate. Finally, the campaign management team takes the messages and thinks through how they should be communicated on TV, radio, print, and through various digital channels that are serving as the most effective and efficient way to reach out to certain segments of the voting public.