Depaul UK: iHobo

Principal Authors: Andy Lear, Ginger Professor and Benjamin Worden, Publicis


There are more than 300,000 apps in Apple's UK AppStore.1

80% of these are forgotten within a day of downloading.2

This is the story of one that burned brightly, but also endured.

By doing so it helped to transform the long-term commercial fortunes of the relatively unknown homelessness charity behind it - Depaul UK. iHobo breathed new life into a formerly shrinking donor database, will bring in lifetime donations of up to £1.5m, and could generate a potential ROI of £250 for every £1 spent.

Previous papers have shown how an engaging app can play a supporting role in big budget TV-led campaigns.3 This paper goes one step further, demonstrating what can be achieved when an app takes a central, starring role, with nothing to rely on but its own engaging content.