Corporate Wellness: Wellbeing in the Indian BPO sector

Chirajeet Sengupta
Healthcare Research, Evalueserve, India


The BPO industry, one of the key contributors to India's economic growth and employing a sizable chunk of India's youth, does not yet integrate innovative wellbeing and focused healthcare programs as a key strategy or as a core contributor to sustainability.

In spite of there being substantial evidence to point to the criticality of this requirement, almost all the measures underway are executed in an ad-hoc fashion, plus, there is a clear gap in measuring effectiveness of such measures as well as utilization of funding.

As a consequence, the popular belief is that BPO workers, due to the unique working conditions that are core to the industry, are a population that suffers from a variety of ailments, and thus, require extended support built around organized and committed participation from their employer, private and public healthcare organizations, NGOs and industry associations.