Fiat: Fiat Mio

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"I continue to evolve in life, and the car I drive is the ultimate proof of this"

In a country in which a car was always a sign of success and for a long time was accessible to only a few, the recent economic growth made the desire for these products grow exponentially. In Brazil, cars are increasingly becoming a national passion and discussing cars is a national past-time.

With a population of increasing purchasing power, interest in the vehicle industry in Brazil has also grown. Supply has risen, while communication strategies going beyond mass media (TV is the media with the highest audience and penetration) are now crucial to create brand differentiation.

Fiat discovered this before its competitors and was always the carmaker that invested most heavily in digital media, having ranked Top Of Mind on the Internet for five consecutive years.

In 2009, the presence of the vehicle industry in digital environments was already a reality.