Improving in-store marketing: Insights from POPAI Asia Conference 2013

Low Lai Chow

For all the challenges associated with the rise of digital media and ecommerce, the bricks and mortar channel remains the "biggest medium today", Stassi Anastassov, president of Duracell – Procter & Gamble's battery brand – reminded delegates at the POPAI Asia Conference 2013.

"Seventy-six percent of decisions are made at store level," he continued. Moreover, an overwhelming majority of battery purchases are unplanned and occur in physical retail outlets. "Frankly, I think only 15% of the business from Duracell is sold off-shelf," said Anastassov.

This has profound implications for the tactics it adopts at the "moment of truth". "In the store, we don't need to create emotional tension with Duracell. You always need one extra battery. You never know how many batteries you have at home … Which is wonderful," Anastassov said.