From "Mommy" to "Mom/me": New insights on moms

Betsy Frank
Time Inc


According to Forbes, Moms tug purse strings to the tune of $2.1 trillion. That's more than the GDP of Russia, France, Italy, Brazil, Spain, or the UK.

But who is "Mom"? The fact is, the cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all mom no longer exists, if she ever did. Instead "Mom" is a diverse group of women who have one thing in common: They all happen to have a child.

Today, there are over 82 million women in the US who are mothers, and one-third of all US households have a child under the age of 18. Yet fewer than 8 million moms fit the census definition of "homemaker:" the vast majority are working, and, unique to our times, there are now three generations of women who are moms: Boomers, Gen X, and Gen Y.

Mom has been called the "Household CEO." She is the sole decision maker when it comes to household goods (84%), OTC drugs (79%), and food (72%), and she is meaningfully involved with many other categories of purchase, including "traditionally male/dad" categories like travel (99%), automotive (94%), and electronics (90%).