Xfinity: Language Choice Campaign

Agency: Grupo Gallegos


What happens when a brand makes an unprecedented commitment to communicate with Bilingual Hispanics in the same way they talk and live their lives? Well, Bilingual Hispanics make an unprecedented commitment to the brand. This is the story of how Xfinity turned its business around and achieved a level of growth not since seen in the company's history.

With the cable industry disrupted from new competition, Xfinity needed to prove its value to the crucial segment of Bilingual Hispanics. So Xfinity created a new entertainment system (XI) with features built specifically for Hispanics. In addition, it developed an end-to-end experience where bilinguals could choose English or Spanish at every brand interaction. Our challenge was to convey Xfinity's commitment to Hispanics, do so in an emotionally authentic and culturally relevant way while still highlighting Xl's new features. We armed our campaign with insights on the bilingual experience and came up with a creative idea to emulate the way bilinguals use English and Spanish in their daily lives by using XI in the same way.