Getting a seat at the "decision table" - outlining the future of the ARF and market research

Geoffrey Precourt

About a decade ago, when Bob Barocci, took over as president/CEO of the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF), he set out on a mission to redefine its purpose, and one which ultimately meant: "we changed the organization's focus to advertisers. Since the advertisers are paying for everything, if we impact their needs, everybody's boat will rise. Not universally popular back then, but we did it."

As Barocci retires from his position, he leaves his office to a most appropriate successor: "Our new president is an advertiser - 32 years of it, the past 15 years on the company management team," he said of the ARF's in-coming leader.

Gayle Fuguitt, the organization's new president/CEO, unsuccessfully "retired" nine months ago, leaving her position as General Mills' vp/global insights. And as she relocates from Minneapolis to New York's Madison Square Park next month, she'll walk into a job that she already has defined with a mission of her own.

Gayle Fuguitt addresses the ARF Re:think audience
Photo credit: Dan Collazo