Close, But No Cigar. How Research Almost Helped Market Turkey to the EC.

Philippe Bouti
Burson-Marsteller, France

What do clients - research buyers - call 'research'? All too often, they naively believe that research simply means gathering facts and analyzing them: (see Figure 1)

Of course, we- research suppliers- know that there is more to research than field, code and tab, don't we? Questionnaire-writing may be an art form, but we know that getting the facts right - and the right facts! - and analyzing them with insight is the relatively easy part of research. What is less easy is defining the problem ex ante, drawing the right conclusions from the analysis, and 'selling' these conclusions to the client - i.e. persuading him/her to go along with the conclusions even if they are against his/her preconceptions or short-term interests (see Figure 2)