Supor: Non-Stick Pans

Leo Burnett Limited


Non-stick pans are an indispensable tool in the kitchen of every Chinese household. With over 50 non-stick pan brands competing for a place in the kitchen, we were asked by our client to find a way to create a dynamic retail experience that would drive customer enquiry and sales of SUPOR non-stick pans in Retail Malls across the mainland. For a client with a limited budget this also meant coming up with an idea that could not only communicate but also had flexibility to be moved to any number of venues as needed.

Creating a low-tech, exciting and eye-catching demonstration of SUPOR non-stick pans' abilities, the agency drove both brand preference and sales in highly competitive, cluttered and ‘sticky’ retail shopping environments.


  • Increase brand preference of SUPOR as the superior non-stick pan brand.