How Dove Changed the Rules of the Beauty Game

Olivia Johnson

Whenever we explained Dove's new brand positioning to anyone, they always said, 'Oh what a great idea.' However, we couldn't seem to develop any creative work that did the new positioning justice. We'd been through months of creative development and research and had nothing to show for it. A bit of self-doubt was creeping in. Maybe it's a great positioning in theory but not in practice? Maybe, the inner voices whispered, the positioning isn't right.

Six months later all doubts had been dispelled. We were the proud creators of a much talked-about and much loved campaign.

This article describes that journey from doubt to celebration. It's a story of two halves. The first half will tell the story of how the positioning was developed. The second will tell the rather more tortuous, warts-and-all story of how we eventually managed to turn the positioning into compelling creative work.