uniting qualitative and quantitative

Jeff Deighton
Insight Engineers

There has been an ongoing debate in recent years about how consumers process communication and advertising 'activity'. For example, whether it is low involvement or not, whether one should pretest or not, whether a pretest should be predictive or not, even to the point of whether one single facet of abovetheline communication likeability ties into cognitive processing or responsetransfer viewpoints. Somewhat dry and boring, isn't it?

This article explores why this debate has perpetuated itself and discusses the journey we, at insight Engineers, are making to go beyond established thinking. We would like to challenge the traditional rules of engagement of the research industry on these issues and argue for the need to continue to reengineer our approaches to clients' communication strategies specifically the typical language and order used in quantitative questionnaires and the case for their overhaul and reexamination.

The neutering of qualitative research