News International: The Sun Cereal Pack

Partners Andrews Aldridge

The team

Mark Davison – Managing Partner
Daisy Domenghini – Account Director
Vicki Murfitt – Copywriter
Paul Crump – Art Director
David McCallen – Planning Director
Jennifer Langan – Senior Data Planner

How did the campaign make a difference?

Proven behaviour change theory, pin-sharp targeting, optimised offers and big chunk of bravery made buying The Sun a habit well worth keeping. 68,822 vouchers were used over the promotional period, giving a 33% redemption rate – 43% more than the control. 27% of recipients now see The Sun as their main daily and 58% bought it two to three times more every week.

What details of the strategy make this a winning entry?

The key objective was to influence competitor readers and change their purchasing behaviour to create a new habit – buying The Sun. Previous tests had helped identify the optimum couponing period to drive habit and discount value. And a recent Lifecycle project identifying the natural movement of customers through their product groups had identified bingo as a beacon for both profitable and highly engaged customers. This led to an exclusive bingo sign-up incentive. The mailing audience selection was mostly female and 40+, working and with their children having left home. They tend to be motivated by promotions and money-saving offers. To avoid simply encouraging short-term behaviour change, not a genuine habitual shift, the creative presented a bold and positive brand story and celebrated everything The Sun offers its readers.

How did creativity bring the strategy to life?