The New Mom Economy


The Yankelovich MONITOR Perspective is a series of topical surveys on important issues in the consumer marketplace and American society in general. The Yankelovich MONITOR is the leading authority on consumer value and lifestyle trends in the U.S. consumer marketplace. MONITOR is the longest-running tracking of consumer trends and the most widely respected source of insights into consumer motivations. The MONITOR Perspective series continues this tradition of thought-leadership by providing an in-depth focus on issues of special topical interest.

This Perspective on the New Mom Economy involves a close working partnership between the world-renowned advertising agency TracyLocke and the Yankelovich MONITOR. TracyLocke is highly regarded for numerous client successes rooted in its approach to the marketplace known as The Brand Activation Network, a 360-degree focus on making connections with consumers that motivate them to action at retail. The expertise and insights of TracyLocke are a key part of the design, analysis and interpretation of the results of this Perspective research. This unique collaboration brings many innovative and creative marketing insights to the understanding of New Moms in today's marketplace.