Client-agency relationship: Seven principles for better commercial creativity

Ian Priest

The Marketing society has been a keen supporter of the IPA's adapt agenda and an advocate for client-agency collaboration. Halfway through his presidency, Ian Priest takes stock of seven principles that have guided his campaign for better commercial creativity and proposes what more the industry can do to take his agenda forward.

I have been lucky enough to survive and thrive in an industry undergoing continuous evolution. My IPA Presidential agenda is about continuous improvement in client-agency relationships. I hope to leave a lasting legacy of joint industry training and a new commercial contract. Here are my guiding principles.

1 Better together

The role for closer co-operation between marketing clients and agencies is vital. Marketing is under pressure to perform, defend brand investment, deliver KPIs and talk the language of finance to be heard in the boardroom. It's heartening to see the most positive uplift in overall expenditure trends in the most recent IPA Bellwether Report1.