McDonald’s: My Greatest Feat – The Next Step


It’s easy to make a new burger. It’s very hard to rebuild lost trust.

In 2008, McDonald’s created the “My Greatest Feat” programme to leverage the Beijing Olympic Games sponsorship.

In 2010, they chose to use it again, to greater effect, in order to create change with far reaching implications.

Taking Kiwi kids’ humble relationship with the All Whites, a start-to-finish experience was created that delivered well beyond expectations.

Business Challenge

McDonald’s has always been committed to the well-being of children with their sponsorship of programmes that encourage an interest in sports and physical activities like Junior Touch and Soccer.

They wanted to keep up the momentum and capitalise on the groundwork laid by the earlier “My Greatest Feat” campaign. However, 2010 saw a very different sponsorship to leverage: the FIFA World Cup. A global event, yes, but for most rugby-loving New Zealanders, merely a curious but moderately interesting spectacle.