Is There Life After Apollo?

Stephan Loerke

In response to advertisers' need to improve marketing accountability, the WFA Blueprint articulates a global vision for audience measurement

Ana members are not alone when they say that marketing accountability is at the top of their agenda. When surveying members of the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) about their priorities, improving marketing accountability consistently tops the bill. In a July survey, WFA Asia-Pacific members cited audience measurement and return on marketing as the two biggest challenges they face, respectively. Why, then, in our brave new digital world, isn't the promise of improved accountability being realized? And why isn't someone doing something about it?

The simple answer is that plenty is being done, but most developments are in response to specific market opportunities rather than to a global industry challenge. The WFA strongly believes that industrywide development of media audience measurement, a crucial piece of the accountability jigsaw puzzle, must step up to the plate and keep pace with the rapidly changing landscape in which we operate.