On the Other Hand

The Ephemera of Fame - would ordinary folk recognise the giants of adland?


The dividing line between fame and obscurity is thinner than a human hair.

Example: One in ten Britons think Apple founder Steve Jobs is a trade union leader - a nugget of knowledge brought to you courtesy of Lewis Public Relations, who recently commissioned a survey to gauge the Island Race's level of technology knowledge.

It proved as level as the Mariana Trench. Twenty-five percent of Brits failed to identify Sir Tim Berners-Lee as the founder of the internet, 9% believing him to be the head of British security service MI5. Six percent thought he was an Arctic explorer and 5% reckoned he was the first British astronaut to venture into space.

And although 88% of respondents knew Bill Gates was the founder of Microsoft, three per cent thought he was an American comedian and two per cent believed he was one of the Great Train Robbers.
Ignorance, however, is oblivious to national frontiers. And, if we are to believe the old proverb, it is also a state of bliss.