How to continue being a culturally relevant brand? Coca-Cola and its 125 reasons to believe

Omar Fuentes
The Coca-Cola Company, Mexico
Pablo Kennedy
The Coca-Cola Company, Argentina


As you may already know, Coca-Cola is 125 years old, and is still today the most valuable brand in the world.

Understandably, throughout these 125 years, Coca-Cola has executed many activities to sustain this value. For the past six decades focusing mainly on communication – apart from the multiple actions and campaigns carried out around the world to maintain and develop the business – Coca-Cola has always broadcasted emblematic commercials, commercials which have provided a viewpoint about socially sensitive issues: Hilltop (1971) communicated a world peace and fraternal message during the last years of the Vietnam War, or The Mean Joe Green (1979), which fostered a message of respect in search of finding unity in diversity; to mention a couple among many other examples.