Twitter's ad API

Anna Bratholm and Marta Mattioli

Background and Details

Twitter is opening its Advertising API (Application-Programming Interface), which will enable marketers to better use Twitter data streams to manage campaigns and improve targeting. For now it's only open to five bid management technology suppliers (Salesforce's Buddy Media, Adobe, TBG Digital, Hootsuite, and SHIFT). Mindshare use Saleforce's BuyBuddy as our preferred partner and early results from limited beta test campaigns show promising results. A wider roll-out is expected in the near future.

The API will enable advertisers to layer in additional analytics, trends and insights as well as performance data to compile new audience profiles. In addition, the dashboards will take full advantage of the real-time reporting data, which will make targeting and set-up of multiple audiences a lot more manageable. Access to performance data and the rise and fall of trends will make for better and more engaging advertising, and marketers will be able to compare the performance of Twitter campaigns side-by-side with campaigns on other platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn.