OgilvyOne Viewpoint #11 - Get a Second Life

Giles Rhys Jones

Second Life can be a dangerous place for ad agencies and brands. But taking a risk to engage and converse with the residents of this world can yield surprising results.

AT THE MENTION OF SECOND LIFE, twitter, widgets, wikis or any other Web 2.0 application, people often undergo a marketing (and common sense) bypass. This is often a result of the nonsense being peddled around the communications industry, usually to the detriment of marketers who are paying people a lot of money to explain it to them.

The most damaging nonsense is the idea of a "new, socially connected digital consumer" who operates in a hyperconnected cyber-world of his own and who, shrouded in mystery, is making marketers and their agencies nervous. Firstly, there is no such thing as the "digital consumer." There is no great mystery about how they think and what they want. Secondly, these consumers are doing exactly what people have been doing for thousands of years - communicating with each other.