Mountain Dew: Skate Pinball

Colenso BBDO Auckland

Advertiser: Frucor Beverages
Brand: Mountain Dew
Country: New Zealand


The context

Although a major player globally, Mountain Dew was a tiny business in New Zealand, with years of growth that had fluctuated between negative and single digits.

Not only were sales poor, the brand was also in bad shape. Under a third of young New Zealanders said they'd consider Mountain Dew. Only 22% had tried it. And just 10% said it was a brand they loved.

The strategic challenge

However, in 2011 Mountain Dew decided to launch three new flavours, in the hope that they could help reverse the brand's fortunes.

Despite poor market conditions, the sales targets for the three new variants were aggressive. The client benchmarked against the most successful ever New Zealand Mountain Dew variant launch – and targeted three times that success.