Making and keeping the brand promise: How paid and owned media are stronger together

Robin Bonn

Hype about content marketing is everywhere. But with little consensus about what 'content' is, it is better for marketers to focus on what it does and how it works alongside traditional advertising. Robin Bonn explores how to go about it.

Why does so much of the general buzz around content marketing seem to rely on it being the hero, with so-called 'traditional' advertising painted as the antiquated villain?

Our experience is that content marketing actually complements advertising very well, so we decided to explore this relationship between paid and owned media to provide our clients with some useful guidance.

Working with YouGov, we surveyed members of the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers (ISBA), as well as a representative sample of 2,000 consumers. We now have a set of general principles around the role of paid media versus that of owned media, how and when consumers prefer to use different types of media, and how those preferences vary throughout the customer journey and across different sectors.

Establishing some context