Privacy in the Digital Age

Marian Berelowitz and Ann Mack


Citizens of modern societies live in a world of digital data, generating an information trail as they e-mail, shop with loyalty cards, surf the Web, make wireless calls. In response, cautious consumers, watchdog groups and governing bodies are raising alarms about the Orwellian implications. As technology gets ever more powerful and sophisticated, the issue of digital privacy is rapidly coming to the fore.

Key Questions

  • What are the privacy issues that are top of mind when discussing search engines, ISPs and Web giants like AOL and Microsoft? What steps are governments taking to regulate and control their activities?
  • Just how concerned are consumers about their digital privacy? Does "radical transparency" equate to more lax attitudes toward privacy in general?
  • What new technologies are likely to raise additional privacy concerns?
  • How can marketers best allay privacy concerns among their customers?