Guinness: Having the craic

Mark Jarman

Guinness activated the brand message online and offline by establishing St Patrick's Day as 'The Friendliest Day of the Year', setting two Guinness World Records.

On St Patrick's Day, it is estimated that over 250 million people gather to celebrate the spirit and culture of the Irish from every corner of the globe.

Guinness believes one of the most special and unique characteristics of this day is the way in which everyone around the world celebrates in the spirit of friendliness. Everyone is welcome, whoever you are, wherever you are from, which creates a universally fun and communal atmosphere, whether you are in a bar in Ireland or at a parade in Sydney.

That is the simple insight behind why Guinness believes St Patrick's Day is the 'Friendliest day of the Year' and a great day to be part of. The idea was first seeded successfully in 2011, and in 2012 Guinness decided to make it 'officially' 'The Friendliest Day of The Year' by further substantiating the title by attempting to set two supporting Guinness World Records™.