Planning themes for 2013: Views from leading bloggers

Carlos Grande

Recently, Warc asked a select number of leading bloggers on both sides of the Atlantic to post on their current interests and planning themes as we head towards 2013.

To provide added stimulus to contributors' thinking and to demonstrate the ease with which content can be sourced on Warc to illustrate a variety of topics, we gave those who were not already Warc subscribers access to the service so they could source and quote from relevant evidence and examples to flesh out their arguments.

Below, we summarise some of the main topics that emerged from the exercise. You can read the posts in full via the embedded links to the commentators' blogs. In addition, you could comment below on your own current preoccupations and predictions.


The first thing to note is just how upbeat most of our bloggers were. Yes, they acknowledged that agency and client roles were changing and established beliefs about consumer behaviour were being called into question by technological, economic and cultural challenges. But there's a strong sense of empowerment and renewed potential about the future of communications planning running through most of these posts.