Harnessing the power of the people: Getting people talking about TalkTalk

Anna Wills
Spring Research

Catherine Russell
Consumer Insights, TalkTalk Group


How does a brand harness the power of advocacy? In this paper we will show through cutting edge thinking how brands can activate and utilise word of mouth - the ultimate advertising.

Understanding word of mouth in the fixed phone, broadband and TV category was proving a challenge for TalkTalk. They knew badvocacy (negative advocacy) was occurring when things went wrong but positive word of mouth was low across the category. So although TalkTalk customers were loyal to the brand, non-customers were not aware and had low levels of consideration for the brand. Why weren't customers expressing their satisfaction in this market? Why weren't those happy customers talking about TalkTalk? How could TalkTalk activate this valuable source of customer recommendation and convert non-customers to the brand? Was badvocacy that they didn't know about occuring and why?