10 trends in Latin America


Latin America is embracing technology, education and entrepreneurialism and consumers are welcoming brands as agents of social transformation. A Trendwatching.com report from its São Paulo office gives pointers to any brand operating, or planning to, in the region

The consumer market is growing rapidly throughout Latin America. And one thing has been rising faster than income for consumers in South and Central America, and that's their expectations. Fuelled by rising incomes and greater access to information, the region's rapidly emerging and expanding consumer class is demanding, yet optimistic, about new brands, products and experiences. Here are 10 trends to consider when catering to these enthusiastic, yet expectant, Latin consumers.

1. E-Inclusion

In the coming years, digital goods, services and data will bring more of Latin America's poor into the consumer arena thanks to reduced costs, improved access to finance and better information. Brands in the region should think about how to accelerate the process, and help customers get on the right side of the digital divide.