Intel Info Stream: Football

MRM Meteorite

The team

Ben Felton – Executive Planning Director
Marcus Keith – Senior Account Director
Ian Owen – Art Director
James Thorley – Senior Copywriter
Ricardo Guimaraes – Senior Designer
Marcio Souza Leite – Copywriter
Gavin Hardman – Technology
Richard Caudle – Senior Tech Architect

Other contributors

Beeweeb – Mobile App Development
Randian6 – social data platform
Opta – Football Stats
GSM – Football Stats

How did the campaign make a difference?

This app found a way to bring live match stats, combined with real-time social information, to fans of 180 football teams across Europe. 45% said their opinion of Intel was improved and 44% are now more likely to buy Intel.

What details of the strategy make this a winning entry?