Telefonica Imagenio: Hunt

McCann Erickson Madrid


On Imagenio the season for hunting the best entertainment, with television, series, the latest feature films and DTTV has now begun. Show season is declared open.

TV viewers are asked to suscribe to Imagenio for their favorite TV programmes, as if it were a real hunt where people put their best efforts to get their prey by using their TV screens - thus making this ad both worth remembering and sharing.


The goal of the campaign was to strengthen Imagenio’s position as the highest quality pay-TV service, with the widest range of content as regards family entertainment.

In order to achieve this goal, we needed a high-profile, visually attractive campaign that was, of course, “entertaining”, using the same codes that make up Imagenio itself, that is to say, ones that are spectacular, entertaining and fun.