Fiat Chrysler: You bought a Jeep? Here's why

Campaign details

Agency: cummins&partners/Maxus
Advertiser: Fiat Chrysler Group LLC
Author: Adam Ferrier, Ben Epstein and Virginia Pracht
Total campaign expenditure: $10 - 20 million

Executive summary

'You bought a Jeep?' Here's why.

Jeep had always been a niche brand in Australia, considered an American army vehicle lacking relevance to most Australians. This resulted in decades of stagnant sales, whilst the rest of the SUV category experienced record growth1. In 2012 however, the 'I bought a Jeep' campaign was launched and Jeep fortunes changed dramatically.

The campaign was quickly and completely embraced by popular culture, lighting up social media and entering the Australian vernacular. Most importantly however, the campaign was extremely effective. Since the start of the campaign, sales have increased 156%, outgrowing the SUV category by 300% while reducing media expenditure per unit by 45%1, 2. Making it the standout automotive success story of recent years.

Strategic communications challenge