Zodiac brand research in China: The direct path to the unconscious brand perception of Chinese consumers

Dirk Ziems and Sami Wong
concept m research + consulting

Introduction: Consumer culture in China

China is becoming increasingly important as a market. In order to establish a solid market position, it is essential to understand the peculiarities of the Chinese market and to coordinate the market offerings as well as its strategies wisely.

China is by far the most successful and largest among the emerging markets. In the context of its economic miracle, China has become the largest export nation in the world and has increased the disposable annual income in the past 20 years from $585 to $3,250 which is equivalent to 9.5% per year. However, China is not to be understood as a homogeneous market. There are still some huge differences between the rural poor and the affluent population in the metropolitan areas such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Within the field of metropolitan, strong developmental differences emerges in the Tier 1 cities (e.g. Beijing and Shanghai), Tier 2 cities (e.g. Hangzhou and Chongqing,) and Tier 3 cities (e.g. Da Qing and Xi Ning).