Boundary Road Brewery: The Resident

Campaign details

Category: Most Progressive Campaign
Agency: Barnes, Catmur and Friends
Client: Boundary Road Brewery


Craft beer in New Zealand was stuck in a cluttered rut, so Boundary Road Brewery (BRB) decided to import exotic brewers to counter the imported exotic beers.

They'd bring fresh taste buds and hybrid flavours to New Zealand and let them loose, getting the best of local and international values. Suddenly a modest exercise in building Boundary Road Brewery's brand credibility was turning into a million dollar money-maker.

Key learnings

While the first impression of the typical craft beer fridge is of dizzying diversity, on analysis it all boils down to a few simple clichés.

The first cliché is around origin, the second around the brewers themselves. Finally, there is the visual cliché that flows on from the obscure, exotic nature of the first two clichés.