Social media: Hispanics ride the social wave

Graeme Hutton and Maegan Nevins
UM, New York

Hispanics have been leading the way in social media uptake in the US and are ahead of other groups in their level of interactivity, thanks to high smartphone ownership and their desire to upload content aimed at their communities.

Wave is UM's global social media tracker. Wave's geographical coverage has mushroomed from just 15 countries in Wave 1 with a sample of 7,500, to 62 countries in Wave 6, polling more than 42,000 active internet consumers.

We initiated Wave in 2006 because we realised there was a burgeoning array of social media that could rapidly evolve into a powerful force in the consumer media landscape. While that observation might now seem rather obvious, when the initial study was organised in 2006 we did not know how it would transpire. Back then, Facebook was predominantly a student website, and Twitter was still to launch.