The Pepsi Refresh Project



The Pepsi Refresh Project was a game-changing pro-social endeavor for Pepsi, to position the brand in the minds of consumers as a positive, optimistic force for change in communities, revolving around issues and ideas that people personally cared about.

The Project focused on two distinct consumer segments; millennials and female boomers, both cohorts of Pepsi brands (Pepsi and Diet Pepsi), with a shared, cross-generational desire to positively impact their communities and the world at large. Through Pepsi Refresh, the brand empowered consumers to bring their ideas to life and act / share them to the benefit of others by providing them with financial grants to move their positive ideas and their communities forward.

The Pepsi Refresh Project created an interesting challenge for the team in communicating a year- long effort through the use of new media strategies and content tactics. It was evident early in the process that a traditional :30 commercial approach would not suffice to provide the true emotional benefits and engagement of the program. It was determined that the program would benefit by allowing the brand to be the catalyst for storytelling provided by the Pepsi Refresh Project grant recipients.

Case Study