Orange - Pistemap: how skiing inspired transformation in digital marketing for Orange

Principal Author: Martin Lawson – i-level

Contributing Authors: Jeremy Morris and Helen Thomson – Orange; Jon Fox, Steven Ray and Mark Creighton – i-level


Whilst this paper is quite unlike most IPA Award entries, the industry judges felt that it delivers a definitive analysis of consumer behaviour online and offers us clear new learnings around the roles of natural search, paid-for-search, display impressions and display click-through in nudging consumers along the journey to sale and ultimately giving us a true picture of ‘cost per sale'. Digital media are usually assessed according to ‘last click wins’ measures, but i-level and Orange felt this was inaccurate since most online journeys are comprised of multiple steps. They identified an opportunity to increase the effectiveness of digital by understanding how consumers behave over the entire online experience. Pistemap, an investment tool, was developed to optimise Orange's online customer journey data, applying it across a range of digital media channels. As a result, annual costs were reduced by more than £3m, and profits grew by £0.9m. Payback was £4.20 per every £1 spent.