Abba Food Middagsklart: Kids' Kitchen

Prime Stockholm

Advertiser: Abba Seafood
Brand: Abba Food Middagsklart
Country: Sweden


The debate about children's poor eating habits is continuously an issue. Research from the Swedish Food Administration shows that kids do not eat enough fish. One of the Administration's recommendations was that children should eat more fish, preferably 2-3 times a week.

Despite this clear evidence, many people, especially parents, refrain from cooking fish, simply because it is perceived as time consuming and difficult to cook. When Abba Seafood launched a new product series made to be used with fish, we thought of it as the perfect opportunity to change this, and who better to start with if not a group of children opening their very own fish restaurants?

A number of consumer insights had been identified including the following:

  • In today's stressful and hectic society, many parents find it challenging to arrange all of the pieces of the life puzzle - picking up kids from day care combined with work and spare time activities
  • Parents often perceived cooking fish for dinner as difficult and time consuming, putting an end to their ambitions to cook a healthy dinner for their children
  • Cooking fish is not as hard as it is generally perceived