The Navy Landed Me Here


This campaign for the US Navy has been the most successful in history: in lead generation, in the acquisition of new African American Officer applicants (54% over target), as well as in actual awarded Officer contracts (a 700% increase from the previous year). The campaign was able to overcome the obstacles of a “last resort” perception, the lack of concrete program awareness, and the fear of combat and the perils of war, going on to connect deeply and meaningfully with the target audience. The creative use of research provided rich consumer insights, guided both the strategy and campaign development, as well as into highly effective creative work.


The United States is undergoing the most profound social, cultural, demographic, and technological changes in its entire history. By 2042, 54% of American population is slated to be multicultural. Today, almost 50% of the Millennial Generation — the sole recruitment demographic for the US Navy — is already multicultural. Highly aware of the need to respond to these changes, the Navy has the long-term goal of insuring that its Officer Core truly reflects the US population by 2037.