Don't fear social media

Daniel Rowles

Chartered Institute of Marketing

Brands shouldn't bury their heads in the sand: they need to learn to listen to consumers and engage with them. This is how to get started in social media

Social media is all about content. This was one of my key messages at the Chartered Institute of Marketing's annual conference recently. Feedback showed that social media was already part of most marketing strategies, yet, for a minority, the ‘fear factor’ associated with social media hampers the desire to engage. There was also a distinct lack of understanding of why many businesses are using social media.

Unlike other areas of marketing, social media doesn't necessarily depend on budget. For a great example of where stunning content quality can be used to best advantage, you only have to look at Steve Pavlina's one-man blog. Built on the free WordPress blogging tool, Steve attracts a million unique visitors each month by giving advice on personal development. It just goes to show that if you have something interesting to say, people will follow you. If you don't, then, no matter how much activity you carry out, no-one will be interested.