Five ways to become a better marketing leader

Andy Bird
Brand Learning

Marketing still suffers from a reputation problem in the eyes of many CEOs. A priority for any marketer aspiring to board status must be to improve this perception and demonstrate leadership and business-building credentials. Quoting a number of respected marketing leaders, Andy Bird describes five key ways this can be achieved.

For some time now, a prevailing concern for people in the marketing function has been their relative lack of presence and influence at the most senior levels in business. Just over two years ago, the Harvard Business Review went as far as to publish an article entitled 'Marketing is Dead', quoting evidence that "CMOs lack business credibility and the ability to generate sufficient business growth".

More recently, though, the focus of this debate has shifted. The emphasis is now firmly on the growing strategic importance of marketing in driving commercial performance and shareholder value. IBM's latest C-Suite study points out that since the 2008 financial crisis, driving business growth has been a vital priority in most companies. As a result, "CMOs are wielding more power in the boardroom, as CEOs increasingly call on them for strategic input".