Ten trends for making the most from digital out of home campaigns

Carolyn Nugent

Digital formats are the rising stars of Out of Home (OOH). In 2010 alone, digital OOH in the UK increased by 39% to more than £100m ($161m), up from £73.5m ($118m) in 2009. In the US, the gross market value of digital OOH is $1.1bn and across the world in Kinetic's markets it accounts for a further $84m of annual revenue.

In what was predicted to have been a year of consolidation and quiet growth, 2010 actually witnessed some dramatic growth in the sector. OOH bounced back from recession, signifying the strength and resonance of digital in a medium dominated by billboards, six sheets and bus. In the UK, digital now accounts for more than 11% of OOH, up from just 3% back in 2006. Elsewhere, it stands at 19% in the US and 36% in China.

This growth is largely being driven by advertisers' increasingly adoption of digital OOH into the marketing mix. In 2010, a quarter of Kinetic UK's clients included digital OOH in their campaigns, including all of our 20 biggest spending clients such as IBM, Ford, Nike and ITV.