Facebook Fan Pages in India: Likes are not skin deep

Sandeep Budhiraja and Devdarshini Mhatre
TNS India

Social media landscape & india:

Social media has emerged in the last two years in India to redefine the digital media landscape. It has become 'the place' to be for all big and small brands. It' changed the way the marketers interact with the end consumers and now a two way interaction process exists which was impossible to imagine some years back.

In particular, Facebook with 41 million users has been what brands in India have been focusing on. It's the place every brand seemingly has to be in India. They are trying to create two-way relationships and share content, news, and feedback. Now brands that use Facebook can share information about brands between friends. Consumers use Facebook to 'like' the brands and their experiences with their products and services, they also use to voice their negative opinion of the brands. Facebook helps in sharing of the information and also helps to accelerate it's reach and virality.