Steps Towards a Consumer-Driven Concept Innovation Machine for 'Ordinary' Product Categories in Their Later Lifecycle Stages

Howard Moskowitz
Moskowitz Jacobs Inc., United States

Michele Reisner
Moskowitz Jacobs Inc., United States

Bert Krieger
Moskowitz Jacobs Inc., United States

Kjell Oksendal
Future Information Research Management (FIRM), United States


When business people talk about innovation they usually talk about poorly defined 'fuzzy front end'. Researchers in particular and business in general are good at metrics which quantify how strongly a product concept performs. Researchers are not quite as good at creating new ideas, often ceding this creative job to outside sources, with the researcher ending up as simply the measuring instrument. Our approach puts the research squarely in the center of the innovation function, by creating a tool for innovation at the concept level that is knowledge-based, emerging from the research world. We take a holistic approach, integrating information from many different product areas, always, however, with a disciplined development strategy, and always with the aim to simultaneously create, understand, and database (Fuller, 1994; Khurana and Rosenthal, 1998).