Y Reports - Consumer Profile: Hispanics


  • Today's economic climate presents a greater urgency for marketers to find under-served markets with whom to form relationships. One such market is the U.S. Hispanic market. Marketers have an opportunity to expand their market share by reaching out to U.S. Hispanics—ifmarketers are willing to extend or even remake their brand's core proposition to better match the needs and demands of the Hispanic community.

  • As with any market as large as the U.S. Hispanic market1, there are many ways to segment and analyze the population. The goal of this report is to provide you with the overarching ways in which Hispanics differ from Non-Hispanic White consumers. These top-line differences will allow you to take the first step in determining the areas in which your marketing, product development or any other effort needs to be adjusted in order to make the right connection with the Hispanic market.