Foods, diet and wellbeing – monitoring consumer trends for competitive advantage

Roger Smith
Consumer Products & Retail, GfK NOP Ltd, United Kingdom

Bill Parton
Kraft Foods International, United Kingdom


Health and wellbeing is one of the major global trends, engaging health organisations, governments, the media and consumers worldwide. Millions of people are at risk from diseases such as raised-blood pressure and raised-cholesterol, and obesity is increasing at an alarming rate. Media campaigns such as Jamie's School Dinners in the UK are bringing the issue directly into people's homes, and highlighting the need for action.

This is the context that Kraft and other food and beverage manufacturers are working in, and one of the key trends that they need to respond to if they are to continue to build business. Kraft bases its business on its vision of “Helping people around the world eat and live better”. In 2003 it globally announced its Health and Wellness policies and practices covering product nutrition, labelling and marketing. It also committed to support community-based healthy living projects and engage with opinion leaders and policy makers.