Honey Monster Foods – Honey Waffles Factory

Agency name: Hotcow Ltd
Client name: Honey Monster Foods
Category: Event Marketing


Honey Monster Foods is a breakfast cereal manufacturer which founded in 2004 when they purchased the iconic cereal brand from Quakers. The company’s hero product is Sugar Puff’s which was originally launched in the 1970’s using an icon character called the Honey Monster. Sugar Puff’s is currently the 5th largest family cereal brand in the UK.

The cereal market is a very competitive and cluttered category and in order for Honey Monster Foods to expand they needed to cut through the clutter and stand out against category leaders which included Kelloggs, Nestle and Quaker. In early 2009 the brand underwent a strategic marketing shift from marketing to kids to marketing to the family. This was partly influenced by the increasing media attention around marketing sugary foods to children. But, focused on the brand ethos of inviting adults to share children’s enjoyment of Honey Monster’s world of simple pleasures and liberating, energising fun.