Added value information. The integral use of household and retail panel data.

Antonie Luijten and Peter Kempe,
GfK Panelservices Benelux BV, The Netherlands


The market for continuous market and marketing research is expected to change dramatically. The signalled developments require that suppliers of information for marketing decision support take an integrative perspective to what they offer to the market.

Some important developments for market and marketing research are:

  • Market research departments are disappearing. The market research function is transferred from staff to line causing an increasing need for actionable information;
  • As consumers become less loyal, individual consumer data on store and brand choice become more important for understanding developments in markets;
  • Increased data availablity (for example loyalty cards, from sample to census, and so on);
  • need for explanatory information ('reason why');
  • increased usage of advanced IT solutions;
  • entrance of new players (for example publishers, consultants and IT companies).